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The Earth a Common Treasury for All (tags)

A meme for Earth Day.

The Team is Real (tags)

Class Struggle in the Service Sector

Gold Bugs and One World Government (tags)

Some musings on what I saw in the first Zeitgeist movie, and the gold bugs out there.

What is an Anti-Zionist Jew? (tags)

In Response to such asked question.

An Immodest Proposal for An Idea. (tags)

We need to show the nazis in America that real Americans stick up for their own. No chicken f**king matter what they do or don't worship, look like or honorably do for a living; an idea of sticking up for everyone. Everywhere. We need to wear the Islamic Cresent.

TIMELINE (IN C) (tags)

a brief history compiled from merriam-websters online dictionary

It's All A "Jewish Plot"? No Way. (tags)

All shall be free or none shall be free. It is time to wake up and grow up - fast.

FEDERAL RESERVE BEWARE! 28th Amendment Petition Drive (tags)

After analyzing for a common denominator for world wide oppressions, a national movement designed to unite all activist groups around a common goal, is circulating a petition to force the US Congress to submit to the states the monetary reform amendment (28th) to the US Constitution. Evidence and justifications provided.

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