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la guerre

Paraphysique de l'irrémissible amnésie (tags)

De tout cela, qui se souvient ? ...

La société du harcèlement (tags)

Femme payée pour être violée...

Aperception de chosification réification (tags)

Le capital de l'immonde...

Paraphysique de biocénose (tags)

Produire pour produire, mentir pour se faire élire...

Hypoxie psychosomatique (tags)

Diverses associations infinies... l'entraide !

Anthologie de la subversion carabinée (tags)

Tout fiche par terre, tout fiche en l'air...

L'an 01 (tags)

La politique c'est toujours le capital...

Aperception de chosification réification (tags)

15000 stimuli de marchandise, chaque jour et par être humain...

Paraphysique de biocénose (tags)

Production du poison, poison de production...

Anthologie de la subversion carabinée (tags)

Expression libérée des conditionnements ou liberté d'expression des conditionnements...

The Crying of Souls (tags)

To my friends in Los Angeles from Century City to South Central. I am now going to testify against Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

resistance in paris france (tags)

the 3 rd world war started ! articlce in french sorry.

Actiondays "No to the war on iraq" (tags)

Woldwide actiondays against war will be at 14. 15. and 16. march 2003. The organisations of peace hope that the war against Iraq will never be reality, but they take precontions for a day X – the day of a possible attac against iraq. Then there will be actions against the war all over the world from 17 to 19 a clock.

Vive La Paix! Action at French Consulate Tomorrow (Thurs)at Noon (tags)

Bring flowers, tricouleurs, croissants, brie, mimes, dog eared copies of Les Miserables for a rally/ delegation at French Consulate Thurs. 2/20 12:15PM at 10990 Wishire Blvd(at Veteran.) Vive La Resistance! Vive Le Veto! Allons Enfants!

Student Anti-War Conference in Toronto, Canada (tags)

Students Against Sanctions & War in Iraq (SASWI) would like to invite all students from across Canada and Québec (and the US) to participate in the Pan-Canadian Student Anti-War Conference at the University of Toronto from January 30 to February 2, 2003.

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