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Critical Mass (tags)

Get out your ass for Critical Mass

Critical Mass Ride Tonight! (tags)

Exxon Mobile Kiss our A-s... Critical Mass needs no gas! Let Critical Mass take you for a ride through the streets of Los Angeles. Several locations to choose from...

Critical Mass Rides Tonight! (tags)

In the city of Los Angeles hundreds of bicyclists prepare to take to the streets tonight.

Critical Mass LA 4-25 (tags)


Critical Mass - This Friday (tags)

The last Friday of every month in over 100 cities around the world, cyclists, roller bladers, boarders, etc...come together for a festive rolling celebration. It's an organized coincidence with no leaders and no set agenda. People come together for many reasons, to assert their right to cleaner air, less congestion, safer roads, no blood for oil, and to celebrate and ride in solidarity with other cyclists and like minded individuals. Celebrate this month with Critical Mass in Los Angeles!

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