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Paraphysique du traité européen des interdictions (tags)

L'idéologie du travail est le travail de l'idéologie...

Paraphysique du traité européen des interdictions (tags)

Le fascisme du monde...

geral sosbee, teacher (tags)

A summary of my present objective follows.

The 9-11 Investigation (tags)

Here are many of the most significant connections - from the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz regime to the World Bank Group to the Bilderberg Group to the Rothschild Group - that you're not supposed to see. Neither "right" nor "left", but real....

Oh No Not Another Coverup "Senators Criticize the F.B.I. Over McVeigh Documents (tags)

"Any kind of failure at the F.B.I., anything that happens at the F.B.I. that calls into question something they did or failed to do, leads to a lot of mistrust with the American people," said Senator Richard C. Shelby, a Republican from Alabama and chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, after his panel met in a closed session with Louis J. Freeh, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who trusts these people anyways?

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