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The Judicial Dictatorship in Israel, is not Democracy (tags)

Judicial Dictatorship Distorts Democracy in Israel. Israel Needs Judicial Reform Now!

Jewish Self-Hatred Rears Its Ugly Head (tags)

Looks at the self-destructive tendency of the Jewish Left in America and Israel through the prism of the Israeli election campaign, and the weekly Torah reading.

News Capsule 8/29/2007 (tags)

Elections are being organized in the Iraqi town of Kirkuk. The Iraqi Government opposes this but a significant Kurdish minority is supporting affiliation with the Kurdish Autonomous Region.Hurricane Harvey has threatened Houson refineries for 4 or 5 reasons

Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine Rages (tags)


Israel Criminalizes Delivering Humanitarian Aid (tags)


Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government (tags)


Netanyahu Wins (tags)


Israeli Persecution of Haneen Zoabi (tags)


Israel's Anti-Infiltration Law (tags)


Internal Israeli Wars (tags)


Hardened Racism in Israel (tags)


Israel's War on Asylum Seekers (tags)


New Israeli Discriminatory Laws Tabled (tags)


Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace (tags)


Israel: Talking Peace, Waging War (tags)


Israel's Fascist Government (tags)


Persecuting Hanin Zoabi (tags)


Israel' 19th Knesset (tags)


Israeli Election Results (tags)


Israeli Elections (tags)


Rare Israeli Justice (tags)


Netanyahu's Rage to Judaize Palestine (tags)


Sham Israeli Elections (tags)


Israel Steps Up Police State Crackdowns (tags)


Israeli Anti-Democratic Legislation (tags)


Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills (tags)


Growing Israeli Tyranny (tags)

police state

Israel Terrorizing Palestinians Lawlessly (tags)

state terror

Aftermath of Israeli Anti-Free Speech Law Passage (tags)


Israel's Knesset Passes Boycott Prohibition Bill (tags)

Israeli fascism

Israel's Knesset Targets Leftist Organizations (tags)

targeting dissent

Israel's Sham Democracy (tags)

democracy in name only

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda (tags)

Israeli repression

Israeli Academic Freedom at Rish (tags)

israeli free expression endangered

Alarming Racism in Israel (tags)

growing Israeli racism

Fascist Rule in Israel (tags)

Israel lurches to the right.

Anti-Arab Racism and Incitement in Israel (tags)

For more on this subject, the excellent documentary "Lessons In Hate" is required viewing. I thought it would find Palestinian schools disseminating hateful material, as the Israeli line goes. However, the producers found that, whereas Palestinian schools teach the reality of the conflict (what the Zionists refer to as 'spreading hate'), Israeli curriculum disseminates Revisionism to Israel's children, breeding misunderstanding and perpetuating hatred. This is designed, of course, to allow the Extremists who design this curriculum, to fool its population into allowing it to perpetuate its war to eliminate Palestine.

Israeli banks profit from Holocaust (tags)

"Investigations by the Israeli parliament have dug up disturbing evidence that Israel has been profiting for decades from vast sums invested in local banks by European Jews who died in the Nazi death camps."


It surveys the Israeli government's attempt to liberate the economy from socialist occupation. It looks at the fight over the just passed 2005 budget and gives a cautious "green light" to the direction of the reforms.

Israeli-Arab Workers Are Marked With A red X To Help Israeli Snipers (tags)

This is what Zionist Democracy looks like! The Arab construction workers building the Israeli Knesset building must mark their hardhats with a red "X" so that the Israeli Army snippers can keep better aim on their heads! Read this report from Ynet-online, Israel's biggest paper.

Sharon Proposed to Attack Iraq (tags)

(An article by political correspondent Zvi Gilat in Hadashot, published Feb. 14, 1991)

Israeli (tags)

Israel kicks Arabs out of its parliament

Anti-Democratic developments on the Israeli parliamentary scene (tags)

Dear friends, It is our sad duty to bring to your attention a set of very serious and dangerous developments on the Israeli parliamentary scene. The ruling coalition, headed by the Likud and the Labor Party, has given its support to a set of recently adopted draconic measures. These new laws are cynically aimed at canceling the representation our faction, the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality and that of the Arab lists, which together hold ten seats in the 120 member Israeli Knesset.

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