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The Collapsing American Millitary (tags)

Russia and China can be provoked into becoming military threats by Washington’s aggressive policies. When Washington identifies Russia and China as threats, Washington means that the rise of the two countries has ended Washington’s short-term unipolar rule.

PCJF Opposes Appointment of Free Speech/Civil Rights Violator to be Next D.C. Police Chief (tags)

PCJF Opposes Appointment of Free Speech/Civil Rights Violator to be Next D.C. Police Chief

Lavrov Counters Irresponsible Western Policies (tags)


New York Times War on Truth (tags)


Peace Process Hypocrisy (tags)


America and Israel: Police States Writ Large (tags)

police state

Imminent US War on Syria? (tags)


Targeting Jeremy Hammond (tags)


Beating Up on Russia, Syria and Iran (tags)


Pressure Building for More Middle East War (tags)


Bullying, Bluster and Imperial Arrogance 101 (tags)


Advancing the Ball for War on Syria (tags)


Brookings: A Reliable Imperial Tool (tags)


Media Scoundrels Promote War (tags)


Viktor Bout: Victimized by US Injustice (tags)


Stepped-Up Pressure on Assad (tags)


Spoiling for a Fight with Syria and Iran (tags)


Libya: Flashpoint for Global Conflict (tags)


Bretton Woods 2.0: Soros New World Order Conference (tags)

new world order

Terrorism Defined (tags)

The real meaning of terrorism.

The Second American Revolution : Capitalism, Proverbs and Parables (tags)

I will speak to them in parables (sound bites). I will reveal to them mysteries and the secret things which have been kept hidden from them for long ages past. A revolution is a propaganda war and it the decisive battles are not fought with guns.

Democracy behind Tank Barricades (tags)

For Washington the elections in Iraq are a milestone on the way to freedom but for Iraqis they are another step into civil war.. Almost nothing has the same meaning for Iraqis and Americans..There is hardly a com-mon interest between liberator & liberated.

Anti Defamation League (ADL) (tags)

It is extremely dangerous what I am embarking upon, simply because so many people who have attempted to reveal this history previously have been killed in the process of doing it. I have no fear, and I will finish what I start, or someone will, because it needs to be done.

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