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perpetual peace

America's War Agenda (tags)


Remembering Gore Vidal (tags)

Gore Vidal

Big Lies Launch Wars (tags)


Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure (Part I) (tags)

federal betrayal

The Liberal Media: Rest in Peace (tags)

the myth of the liberal media

America's Permanent War Agenda (tags)

permanent wars for permanent peace

Working for a Community of Life (tags)

Today Boff doesn't speak of liberation but of life protection for the excluded. Sixty years ago Gandhi explained the earth has enough for all people. That is still true today. But the earth will never produce enough for the squanderers.

Middle East Policy Forum in Manhattan Beach (tags)

Marcy Winograd, Congressional Candidate in the 36th District, is joined by authors Gore Vidal and Robert Dreyfuss at a community forum on US Middle East policy

Amy Goodman Interviews Gore Vidal (tags)

GORE VIDAL: I don't see much future for the United States, and I put it on economic grounds. Forget moral grounds. We're far beyond any known morality, and we are embarked upon a kind of war against the rest of the world. I think that the thing that will save us, and it will probably come pretty fast, when they start monkeying around with Social Security, that will cause unrest. Meanwhile, the costs of the wars the cost of rebuilding the cities immediately after we knock them down

History- 17 Years Later (tags)

A wonderful piece by John Bennett in a time of conglomorate-controlled media.

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