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Enfermos de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica (IRC) beneficiados por Nicaragua Sugar (tags)

Gracias al Convenio de Responsabilidad Social Compartida firmado recientemente entre la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) León y Nicaragua Sugar Estate Limited, unos 25 miembros de ASOCHIVIDA, la asociación de enfermos renales más importante del país, serán atendidos semanalmente en la clínica dental móvil que maneja la Facultad de Odontología de esa Alma Mater.

Schwab:SF SEC Uses McCarthy tactics to protect right wing stock fraud (tags)

Due to unforseen publicity SF SEC backed down from subpeonas issued to Dow Jones business journalists Herb Greenberg and Carol Remond.It appears to be a warning from the Beltway to all journalists to back off of Patrick Byrne and investigation that could implicate many politicians and far right Beltway denizens including James Dale Davidson,founder of National Taxpayers Union and of the 'Clinton killed Vince Foster'smear campaign who may launder money in penny stock scams and illegal pump and dump scams for some Beltway politicos and insiders.Charles Schwab knows a lot but he ain't talking and the SF SEC IS NOT LIKELY TO ASK.Are there any investigative journalists left in the Bay Area ? Didn't think so.This is related to a Patrick Byrne and his pump and dump vs. Rocker Partners Hedge Fund ongoing in Marin County as I type.

Flight 93 (tags)

This one is for you

Flight 93 - Flight 93 = Y (tags)

When Y = Revolt

Flight 93 - Flight 93 = Y (tags)

Food For Travelers

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