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Curiosity, aller sur Mars, pourquoi faire ? (tags)

Le capitalisme à l'intergalactique...

Earth Democracy (tags)

We are part of the universe and the earth and must live in accordance with the laws of the universe as well as the earth. The most basic law is the realization that we share the planet with other beings and that we have a duty to care for our common home.

Curiosity, aller sur Mars, pourquoi faire? (tags)

Privé ou étatique, le capitalisme c'est " Lasciate ogni speranza "...

GLP Mag-Lev Train and Floodwater to Drought Pipeline Alleviates Drought and Flooding (tags)

The Green Liberty Party (GLP) solution to seasonal flooding and drought concerns is to construct a pipeline that can regularly transport large amounts of water from flood prone regions to drought prone regions. This differs from current SNWA plans to drain northern Nevada's aquifers with a pipeline.

Marijuana, the anti-drug (tags)

Marijuana, the anti-drug

US casualties mount in Iraq and Afghanistan (tags)

US casualties mount in Iraq and Afghanistan

Mars. Red planet, Misread planet. (tags)

The finest data and the worst interpretation in the history of Science

Pluto rising (tags)

doesn't look good

Bush to announce manned Mars mission (tags)

BBC carries a story claiming that Bush is to announce next week a manned mission to Mars. The cost is expected to be around a trillion dollars. He will also announce plans for a permanent lunar base.

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: The Top 11 Reasons Bush Wants to Go to the Moon and Mars (tags)

Bush can't pull off a trip to eat turkey in Baghdad - yet thinks he can pull off a mission to Mars. What's his motivation?

The Bar "W" Moon Ranch (tags)

In this case,the Man on Mars will be a representative of the U.S., a sort of Chris Columbus type, there to plant the stars and stripes and expand the American Empire into the stars. Look out martians, your days are numbered.

'Oil On Mars' Probe Creates Worries That The VP Really Is THAT Fucking Stupid (tags)

Vice-president Dick Cheney announced today that he would be heading a brave new resource assessment committee that will probe the possibility of beginning US oil drilling on the planet Mars by as soon as 2003......

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