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Washington's Dirty Game (tags)


Remembering Eyad El-Sarraj (tags)

human rights

Washington and Israel: Rogue State Partners (tags)


Condemnation Follows Israeli Raid On Flotilla (tags)

" Hamas won an election for control of Gaza over the more conservative pro U.S. Fatah group favored by the U.S. and Israel. In the aftermath of a bloody struggle the more centrist faction was defeated militarily and by the ballot. Please remember this as most western press services have consigned important setails to Orwell’s “memory hole.” "Officials in Israel said the elite naval units were attacked as they attempted to board one of the ships, and that the commandos used live fire only when they felt their lives were threatened. Dozens of passengers and at least five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the confrontation in international waters."

Eviction of two Palestinian familes from Sheikh Jarrah (tags)

East Jerusalem's lost years

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