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israel law

Aryan Nuremberg Laws in Israel (tags)


Israel Denies Palestinians All Rights (tags)


Israel's War on Asylum Seekers (tags)


Profile of Institutionalized Racism (tags)


Israeli Declared an Apartheid State (tags)


Separate and Unequal in Israel (tags)


Jerusalem Day (tags)


NGO Monitor Denies Truth for Israel (tags)


Racist Israeli Supreme Court Decisions (tags)


Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills (tags)


Life in East Jerusalem (tags)


Exposing Israel's Fraudulent Third Periodic Report to the UN (tags)

exposing Israeli lies

Impact of Israeli Military Order No. 1650 (tags)

hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are at risk

The Repressive Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (tags)

more evidence of Israeli lawlessness

Occupied Palestine: Home Demolitions, Dispossessions and Residency Rights Revoked (tags)

More evidence of Israeli lawlessness

Deteriorating Conditions for Israeli Arab Citizens (tags)

20% of the population affected

Israel's Infiltration Prevention Bill (tags)

Israel accelerating toward fascism

Alarming Racism in Israel (tags)

growing Israeli racism

Human Rights Abuses in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

Jews are also affected

Israeli Prohibitions Against Free Expression and "Enemy Alien" Contacts (tags)

Erosion of civil liberties in Israel

Israeli Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid (tags)

Israeli oppression continues

A Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue (tags)

Israel chooses violence

Gaza Under Siege (tags)

Continuation of one of the world's greatest crimes.

Jeff Halper's "An Israeli in Palestine" - Part I (tags)

Halper's excellent book.

Human Rights Violations in Israel and Palestine (tags)

Violations in Israel and Palestine

Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion" (tags)

Israel's imperial plan.

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