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El adiós a Silvio Berlusconi (tags)

¿Sobrevivirá el cura Fernando Lugo a un escándalo mucho mayor al cual no pudo hacerlo Silvio Berlusconi?

Financial Terrorism Rules Eurozone (tags)


Italy defends move to patrol streets with soldiers (tags)

Italy defends move to patrol streets with soldiers

Carta de Antoine Roquentin a Jean-Paul Sastre (tags)

Señor autor; lo lograste; soy lo que has hecho de mi. Esta certeza no es un simple síntoma de resignación. Es, asimismo, una liberación de energías y una posibilidad de usar las últimas para el planteamiento del discurso de la actualidad de hoy, 15 de abril de 2008, por el simple hecho que ya hace muchos años que murió mi autor.

The set up (tags)

First man down

Giuliana Sgrena Shooting: 'Payment' for Ransom? (tags)

In media pieces and conversations with Italian sources, there's a new twist to the Iraq episode wounding journalist and former-hostage Sgrena, killing Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari. European thought exists that the incident was 'payment' for ransoming hostages.

Like farts in the wind (tags)

Like farts in the wind i a farce with Bush, Berlusconi, Rumsfield, Condy Rice, Powell and many others...

chain of cause and effect (tags)

The truth about WMD

Berlusconi Nazi Comment Triggers Outrage (tags)

German socialist Martin Schulz referred to Berlusconi's use of an Italian immunity law to sidestep bribery charges in a Milan court. "In Italy, they are making a movie on Nazi concentration camps," Berlusconi snapped back. "I will propose you for the role of capo,"


Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy succeeds in eliminating a critic in the person of an Editor of a major daily newspaper. A journalist says, "Now we really are just one step away from a dictatorship."

Italy: Berlusconi declares the state of national emergency (tags)

An attempt to stop big protest marches today in italy: Berlusconi declares the state of national emergency

Rome, 2 millions protest! What is really happening in Italy ? (tags)



Another mistake for Italian prime minister

facist Italian prime minister says Western civilization superior to Islamic (tags)

He told a news conference, "We must be aware of the superiority of our civilization, a system that has guaranteed well-being, respect for human rights and -- in contrast with Islamic countries -- respect for religious and political rights, a system that has as its values understandings of diversity and tolerance." hah! like he cares about human rights or freedom. dirty facist.

Berlusconi defends tactics of riot police (tags)

Italian Carabinieri used strong-arm tactics but were badly led, ill-disciplined and indiscriminate

Berlusconi's new regime born in Genoa (tags)

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