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US and Israel's Insulting Solution to Restore Calm in Palestine (tags)


Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival (tags)


Waging War Without Declaring It (tags)


Imperial Arrogance and Hypocrisy (tags)

state terrorism

Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases (tags)

holiday season state terrorism

Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel (tags)

Abbas a duplicitous traitor

Guilty As Charged: UN Report on Gaza Flotilla Massacre (tags)

Israel rightfully condemned

Fatah: Collaborationist Israeli Ally (tags)

Fatah betrays Palestinians

Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide

Israel's Wanton Aggression On Gaza (tags)

Israel's crimes of war and against humanity

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

Like the Germans of the 30's, Israelis can't claim they don't know what their Government is doing. Likewise, Americans can't claim they don't know what is being paid for with their tax dollars.

Bay of Pigs in Gaza: Gaza Crisis Made in USA (tags)

That a scandal of this proportion, which entirely contradicts the perception of the 'crisis' painted by the media, remains relatively unreported and unaddressed - especially in an election cycle - is a testament to the tight control of the Western media, as well as the corruption of both sides of the RepubliCrat Party.

Bay of Pigs in Gaza (tags)

That this scandal remains hidden is a testament to the tight control the Government holds over our media.

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

The Gaza Bombshell: Crisis Made in USA (tags)

The current crisis in Gaza is entirely the creation of Extremists in the US and Israel, who don't want to end Zionism's expansionist war on the Palestinians. Don't let the media ignore this story ...

Life in Occupied Gaza (tags)

The current Gaza crisis reviewed.

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