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Fascism Coming To Your Neighborhood (tags)

Many of us see the encroaching dangers of government programming of citizens to kill each other.

Green Party Populism (tags)


UK Democracy in Terminal Decline (tags)


Israel: Profile of a Police State (tags)


Holiday Season Hypocrisy (tags)


Fighting for the Soul of the American Dream (tags)

class war

Challenging Obama's Anti-Progressivism (tags)

Obama serves wealth and power

Reinventing a War Criminal: Defending the Bush Legacy (tags)

the man symbolizes depravity

Coming Back to Earth for the Healing of Humanity (tags)

Someday I know you will see their name in lights, unitl then hold their light in your hearts and allow the faith and hope they shared to guide you out of the dark.

McDonald's Decries Webster Over 'McJob' (tags)

McDonalds gets it's Knickers in a knot over Merriam Webster usind the term McJob for low paid dead end work. Gosh who would have ever thought that?

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