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Eleanor Roosevelt on the Nakba (tags)

Truth and history flying in the face of the Palestinian narrative

Arab countries in anti Isis coalition (tags)

Five Arab countries have joined the coalition against ISIS

Stepped-Up Pressure on Assad (tags)


New York Times Promoting War on Iran (tags)


Saudis in The House of Fraud on Attack against Popular Arab Revolt (tags)

The Global Satanic Government's (The CIA) Trojan Horses in Arabs Clothing have begun a full scale Military Assault on The Popular Arab Revolt in Bahrain as well as Saudi Arabia at the Orders of The Global Apostates of Hell From Langley, Virginia (The CIA).

fresca (tags)

Let the whining begin!

Palestine in Numbers (tags)

I have to add one here, number of UN members in the General Assembly -189. Number of memebers who are from predominantly muslim countries or have political ties to said countries- 135


Do you know if you must Register with the INS??? As per the INS new program of Alien registration  

Palestine (tags)


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