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triangle square

OC Peace Coalition (tags)

July 29 Demonstration at Triangle Square, Costa Mesa

Emergency Peacemaker Vigil for a Cease Fire in the Mid-East (tags)

Emergency Peacemaker Vigil for a Cease Fire in the Mid-East!

CM Protest Against Three Little Pigs: Silly, Garbage & Baloney (tags)

The Minuteman Junta that controls the Costa Mesa City Council (Mayor Allan Mansoor, Eric Bever and Gary Monahan) call allegations that they pander to extremists the equivelent of the Three Little Pigs fairy tale and "silly garbage baloney," but local residents who marched through Costa Mesa July 8 feel otherwise.

Protest in Costa Mesa 7/8 (tags)

please see below


From, a candlelight call for peace.

Orange County Peace Walk (tags)

Each year, people in Orange County have a walk for Peace and against racism in Costa Mesa on the UN Peace Day. This year's peace walk came just days after September 11.

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