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Cost of Solar Power Equal to Coal Now (tags)

The development at a South African University of a process to manufacture panels made with a much better material (CIGS) that generates electricity from sunlight at a lower cost than the silicone photo voltaic panels is what has been hoped for for decades. Solar power is no longer too expensive compared to coal plant generation.

How the Mexican Election was Stolen (tags)

When Lopez Obrador addressed the press at 8:30, he condemned "the spectacle of the dance of numbers" and announced that the PRD and its political allies would impugn the election -- he had proof of anomalies in 40,000 polling places (a third of the total)

Un presunto plagio del Instituto Federal Electoral (México) (tags)

La autoría del spot con el que el IFE invitaba a los ciudadanos a empadronarse es cuestionado por un estudiante, cuyo cortometraje salió antes; tiene a un luchador por protaginista y como tema la credencial de elector

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