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Ahmed Jabari (1960 - 2012 (tags)


Israeli State Terror Belies Wanting Peace (tags)


Palestinian UN Membership Roulette (tags)


Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism (tags)

state terror

Naksa Day Commemorates Decades of Israeli State Terror (tags)

state terrorism

Israeli Violence Marks Nakba Day (tags)


Solidarity with Palestine (tags)


Palestinian Unity: Done Deal or Wobbly? (tags)


Arab Street Celebrates Mubarak's Ouster (tags)

liberating struggles

Political Prisoner Ameer Makhoul Update (tags)


Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution? (tags)

"Understand that the “War on Terror” is a complete lie, a concoction meant to obscure the imperial attack on the worldwide insurrection of the people’s revolt the imperialist ruling class knew would be coming. Of course 911 was a false flag attack perpetrated largely by imperialism to serve as a defense against this revolt. But before that the outlines of this “defense of the system” was likely behind the crash of a jumbo jet in the ocean when an Egyptian pilot, with no record of radical ideas, supposedly crash dived a fully loaded passenger plane shouting, “God is great.” One can review and study these manipulations and begin to see the strategy and heartless efforts being waged by our rulers in a desperate attempt to maintain our world in bondage. The U.S. will claim to be defending democracy and human welfare while attempting to utterly crush both."

Israel's Sham Democracy (tags)

democracy in name only

Flotilla Support for Gaza (tags)

coming until siege ends

Lurching Toward Gomorrah: Growing Israeli Fascism (tags)

many in Israel are worried.

Viciously Attacking Israeli Arabs (tags)

more evidence of Israeli violence

Recent Israeli Provocations (tags)

recent Israeli violence

Israel's Permanent War on Palestine (tags)

decades of Israeli war crimes

Israeli Persecution of Human Rights Activists (tags)

Silencing dissent

Alarming Racism in Israel (tags)

growing Israeli racism

Anti-Arab Racism and Incitement in Israel (tags)

For more on this subject, the excellent documentary "Lessons In Hate" is required viewing. I thought it would find Palestinian schools disseminating hateful material, as the Israeli line goes. However, the producers found that, whereas Palestinian schools teach the reality of the conflict (what the Zionists refer to as 'spreading hate'), Israeli curriculum disseminates Revisionism to Israel's children, breeding misunderstanding and perpetuating hatred. This is designed, of course, to allow the Extremists who design this curriculum, to fool its population into allowing it to perpetuate its war to eliminate Palestine.

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