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Save the Amazon Demonstration (tags)

Glendale's Americana shopping mall was the site of a demonstration reminding consumers about consequences of shopping decisions and our culture of ignorance.

SOCIALIZAR las pérdidas- PRIVATIZAR los beneficios (tags)

Siendo tan anti-Socialista como es, la elite financiera no tiene ningún escrúpulo en SOCIALIZAR las perdidas, solo los beneficios permanecen PRIVADOS

"For Another World". Dorothee Soelle and "Pax Americana" (tags)

The neighbor falls by the wayside amid the burning questions "How do I accept myself?" and "How am I beautiful?" The liberation theologian Dorothee Soelle sees individualism as one of the stigmata of the American way of life.

The War against Crisis (tags)

"Violently shattering the cartel of OPEC is discussed openly in the US..This calculation is irrational and can only accelerate the crash Less peace will be brought to Iraq..The US creates a qualitatively new state of emergency through its attack as defense."

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