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Lee Siu Hin:Journey to My Home--Happy Spring Festival (AKA Chinese New Year)! (tags)

Greeting from Shanghai, China! Middle of my China-US solidarity working for building bi-national activist solidarity movement.

Siempre subsistirá una guerra (tags)

Mariano Cabrero:Mientras se sigan vendiendo armas para matar a diestro y siniestro, que dejan huellas imborrables de sufrimiento sobre los supervivientes, siempre existirá un dragón de la guerra, siempre subsistirá una guerra con su dragón.

The Second American Revolution : Weirdos in High Places (tags)

When someone doesn't get their job done, under the capitalist system, the solution is to just fire them and then not give a damn

Leah-Carla Gordone 'Dancing on the Dragon Tour' comes to Texas and West Coast (tags)

Female singer-songwriter is bringing her Dancing On The Dragon Tour to venues in Texas and the West Coast in support of her newly released Dancing On The Dragon CD.

Steven--Say It Isn't So (tags)

Spielberg's newest movie is about the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes...and he's hired a script writer who has openly stated that Israel has no right to exist. Would Steven hire the Grand Dragon of the KKK to write the script for a movie about the struggle of Blacks to obtain civil rights?

Cancun Chaos (tags)

A globally synchronised ritual and an activist convergence for pagans and discordians making their way to cancun for the WTO meeting.

Sheep being sent to the slaughterhouse (tags)

Why is it the case that when you look back over history you find that time and time again the Right becomes more and more powerful, and the left become the sheep being sent to the slaughterhouse?

Dossier Nigeria (Top Secret) (tags)

Dossier Nigeria (Top Secret)

Biotech Dragon (tags)

Biotech Dragon emerges at Convergance Center.

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