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Help the Bus Riders Keep Fares Low (tags)

The BRU is protesting the proposed MTA fare hikes. We're in the middle of a war for oil, and they want to cut back, discourage, and raise fares. The working class economy sucks, and they want to suck the money from our purses. How about they do the right thing, and get rid of the SUV subsidy? Protest!

bus riders union march (tags)

Bus Riders Union March today.

Action: Mayor Hahn: fulfill campaign pledge for Bus Riders (tags)

Subject: Bus Riders' Union Urgent Action: Make Phone Call to New Mayor Hahn to FulfillCampaign Promise to BRU

Bus Riders Union Sit-in at the MTA Board (tags)

The Bus Riders Union shut down MTA's board meeting, in the face of the board's attempts to terminate the BRU consent decree, weaken the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and build the Eastside Light Rail.

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