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The Living Dead (tags)

Our global culture is facing a hidden crisis.

Former Saddam Officers Dominate ISIS Ranks: US Recruits? (tags)


Dissent from the Ranks with Ethan McCord (tags)

We wish to promote an event, Titled "Dissent from the Ranks, with Ethan McCord the medic from the"Collateral Murer" video published by Wikileaks. Will feature a panel discussion with Veteran Activists: Alejandra and Jeremy Rishton, Mike Prsysner

Real Health Care Reform - Universal Single Payer (tags)

real health care reform

Bush’s Trampling of Dissent: Kerry’s Chance to Stand Up for Civil Liberties (tags)

The ACLU has filed suit on behalf of a couple arrested at a Bush rally for wearing T-shirts saying “No Bush”—more evidence that this president has no respect for the Constitution or basic American values.

Vietnam Vet Talks on Military Recruiting Practices (tags)

Veitnam Veteran Conrad Moore speaks at Pasadena church about the deceptive practices of the military in recruiting young people from low income communities into the lowest ranks of the military.

Struggle in Peru intensifies (tags)

Struggle in Peru intensifies

Only One In Congress Has Enlisted Son In Military (tags)

It turns out that the congress that spinelessly voted for this war does NOT have children in the enlisted ranks of the military (except ONE!). They declare war; YOU or YOUR children DIE!

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