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Let'em Eat Cake - Citizens Ripped-Off Big Time (tags)

"Let'em Eat Cake", that's the message from Washington/AARP, now identified as, American Association of Repugnant Pimps; per the Bill written-of, for, and by the pharmaceutical companies.   I take exception to the fact that we are paying the salaries of legislators and for the upkeep of the marbled halls of corporate government. The executive board rooms of the pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, electric etc., would be better suited to the privatization of government on all levels. Let them pay for the heating, lights and perks.


Local hackers have produced a recent development in the war on fuckheads. Simple Simon has changed his name to Eric.

here's what i don't get.... (tags)


Bush Admirer is Simple Simon (tags)

"Split" Personality

Futility (tags)

Futile Attempts at Communication

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