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US Orchestrated Coup Plot in Venezuela? (tags)


Lawless US Sanctions on Venezuela (tags)


Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela (tags)


Wall Street Journal Reinvented History (tags)


Destabilizing Venezuela Continues (tags)


Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election (tags)


The Record of the Newspaper of Record (tags)

Exposing the New York Times' shameless reporting on Venezuela.

venezuala's press power (tags)

by maurice lemoine sept 11 2002

Venezuelan Masses Support Chavez. Corporate media lieing as usual (tags)

read The corporate media spinners are doing all they can to bring down the democratically elected president of venezuela. The strike by the rich in venezuela has been defeated.

Venezuela's press power abuse (tags)

This is an outstanding and well-documented analysis of the role that the private corporate capitalist media played in orchestrating the April 2002 coup against the democratically- elected Venezuelan government which is led by Hugo Chavez.

BTL:Former Intelligence Officer Accuses White House & Pentagon of Providing... (tags)

"Former Intelligence Officer Accuses White House and Pentagon of Providing Direct Support for Failed Venezuelan Coup Attempt". Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Wayne Madsen, who now serves as the Washington correspondent for Intelligence Online based in Paris.

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