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consular relations

Russians Traveling Abroad Risk Lawless US Abduction (tags)

police states

Impeach Obama Now! (tags)


Challenging US Lawlessness (tags)

police state

Beating Up on Chavez (tags)


Honduran Coup Regime Mocks UN Security Council with Embassy Attacks (tags)

"These evidences and the eye-witness testimonies, including that of the doctor and the priest, demonstrate convincingly that while the Honduran coup regime issues emphatic denials of such attacks on the sovereign embassy of Brazil, it is clearly engaging in them nonetheless. The UN Security Council should not need any high tech apparatus of its own to be able to see and hear what is really going on at ground level, and respond accordingly to the coup regime's mockery of it."

New UN Report Denounces America's Human Rights Record (tags)

America defiles human rights laws

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