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Banking in Venezuela (tags)

responsible banking

Haiti's Sham Elections: Solidifying Imperial Control (tags)

no democracy in Haiti

Global Warfare: After NATO Summit, U.S. To Intensify Military Drive Into Asia (tags)

"No fewer than 38 European nations have supplied NATO troops for the Afghanistan-Pakistan war as well as providing training grounds and transport centers to support the war effort. As envisioned for at least a century, through peaceful means or otherwise, Europe has been united, not so much by the European Union as under the NATO flag and on the killing fields of Afghanistan. It is now relegated to the role of pre-deployment training area and forward operating base for military campaigns downrange: The Middle East, Africa and Asia."

OCHA's Special Focus on Occupied Palestine (tags)

horrific Gaza conditions under siege

Israel prepared to dismantle its nuclear weapons (tags)

As part of US/Iranian deal

These are the Coup Leaders, They Will be Judged! (tags)

Their pictures at:

Honduran Democracy Can Only Be Asserted from Below (tags)

"Democracy, however, can always be asserted from below, when an organized people stand up. That is the next chapter in Honduras, its best - and probably its only - hope. Update: Arias' efforts to convene, today, eleventh hour last chance "talks," are officially not happening

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