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US Zionist Organizations Blast Muted UN Criticism of Israeli Violence (tags)


Israel Wants Temple Mount Control (tags)


US Universities of Shame: Part II (tags)


Profile of a Racist Zionist State (tags)


Israeli Lawlessness in Issawiya (tags)


Broken Lives and Families in Bil'in (tags)


Israel Encourages Settler Violence (tags)


Fatah Israeli Collaborators (tags)


Violating Palestinian Right (tags)


Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases (tags)

holiday season state terrorism

Israel's Military, the IDF, states Massacre was Planned & Approved at the Top (tags)

The Israeli military, the IDF, planned the Gaza Massacre, and it was approved by the Prime Minister. The 5 million Zionist lunatics sitting in the US military base called Israel are now united in their hysteria to promote war and fascism around the world, all paid for with US tax dollars, and all at the behest of US oil imperialism. A small minority protests the final stages of a bankrupt social order in Israel.

Indoctrinating Israeli Youths to be Warriors (tags)

Israel is a modern day Sparta

Brutalizing Palestinian Children (tags)

state-sponsored terrorism against children

Israel's Illegal Annexation of East Jerusalem (tags)

Israeli ethnic cleansing

Denying Palestinians Free Movement in the West Bank (tags)

West Bank repression.

3551 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in the Occupied Territories (tags)

Here's a partial List

Israel’s first Bedouin envoy (tags)

Ismail Khaldi used to be a shepherd; now he’s been appointed Israeli consul in San Francisco

Save Our State To Support Police State (tags)

Save Our State To Support Police State

The Crats of Hebron (tags)

".... this rising "third" population lives ferociously in Hebron, along with the Palestinians and the settlers and soldiers. They have come about as a direct result of the illegal occupation, but are in some ways symbolic of the different kind of existence that Old Hebron has become as it is called, Area H-2."

The Chomskybot Code: Conduct In the Time of Terror (tags)

In spite of constant reassurances about the term "democracy" one is rarely allowed to criticize the country of Israel without suffering some punishing consequence for it. If you are a Jew you may survive the accusations of anti-Semitism but if you consistently express yourself online in any dissidence about Israel's current politick, you will probably not be immune to cyber attack.


Here are two versions of yesterday's "clashes" in the occupied territories. One from the "liberal" Haaretz, the other from the Chicago Tribune. IT'S WORTH READING


Here are two versions of yesterday's "clashes" in the occupied territories. One from the "liberal" Haaretz, the other from the Chicago Tribune. (of course, a couple of dead Palestinian boys isn't "news" for Israel)

HEBRON : Palestinians ONLY Fire On Israeli Soldiers; NOT Jewish Worshippers! (tags)

"Gumen fired at security forces, not worshippers According to an initial investigation by the army, in contrast to a version of events given by the foreign ministry.." Haaretz

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