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Indigenous Hispanic areas also Economic Rights US (tags)

Many Central and South American countries claim to have indigenous populations. This is true and false. Panama, Costa Rica Venezuela and Colombia have rates under 2% each. The substantialsubstantial populations are in

Follow-Up Open Letter to New York Times Editors (tags)


Organized Labor in America Today (tags)


Austerity When Stimulus Is Needed (tags)

class war

America's Deplorable State of the Union (tags)

class war

US Economy: Troubled or All's Well? (tags)


Money Printing Madness (tags)

class war

Irrational Draghi Exuberance (tags)

class war

Capitalism Failed (tags)

class war

Approaching Financial Abyss (tags)

class war

Pensions Under Attack (tags)

On Friday, July 6, President Obama signed into law a bill that would renew transportation programs and extend low interest rates on student loans for one year. While this minimal gesture resulted in, no doubt, sighs of relief from those burdened by student debt, tucked away within the bill's pages was a little-noticed proposal to further erode the funding of workers' pensions. The bill was a brilliant sleight of hand where what it appeared to be giving with one hand distracted the public from what it was taking away with the other.

Libor Scandal Reflects a Cesspool of Financial Fraud (tags)


America's Fiscal Cliff (tags)

class war

Papering Over Disaster (tags)

class war

Banker Occupied Europe and America (tags)


America's Sham Economic Recovery (tags)

class war

Obama's Failed State of the Union (tags)


Grim 2012 Economic Outlook (tags)

class war

Global Economic Tremors (tags)

class war

Coming: Big Austerity Cuts (tags)

class war

Eurozone Doomsayer Got it Right (tags)


Obama-Style Deficit Reduction (tags)

class war

America's Sick Economy (tags)


No Joy in Mudville (tags)


Heading for Economic Ruin (tags)

class war

Debt Ceiling Debate Charade Masks Planned Entitlement Cuts (tags)

criminal plan

The Great Unravelling (tags)

financial terrorism

Obama's Slipping Popularity (tags)


Phantom Jobs and Economic Recovery in America (tags)

fake recovery

The Recession Is Over, the Depression Just Beginning (tags)

America's economy is dire and worsening

Monetary and Fiscal Failure, Fraud, and Fear of What's Next (tags)

looting the treasury continues with militarism ready to confront dissent

Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Economic Crisis (tags)

economic conditions worsening

JOIN W.E.R.C Today ! (tags)

In recent months, we have witnessed billions of dollars pumped into the financial institutions WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Reckless behavior and greed have been graced with the most extravagant rewards, allowing the rich to get even richer. After receiving their bailout, A.I.G. executives resumed their plans for a retreat at a lavish resort. Meanwhile, foreclosures have risen, unemployment has soared, and misery has spread with virtually nothing being done for the millions of workers suffering from these afflictions. We cannot sit back and simply hope that things will get better. The financial executives have organized themselves and lobbied for bailouts. We must now do the same. We must organize ourselves and mount a campaign, insisting that government programs benefit the majority of the population first and foremost, not the super wealthy small minority.

Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign (tags)

Below is the introduction, ten point program, and partial list of endorsers for the Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign

Labortech 2008 In SF On Dec 5,6&7, 2008 (tags)

Labortech which brings together labor video, computer and media activists from around the world will be having a conference in San Francisco on December 5,6&7.

Labortech 2008 in SF On Dec 5,6&7 (tags)

Labortech 2008 an international educational and training conference on Labor media and technology will be held in San Francisco on Dec 5,6&7 in San Francisco

West Coast Solidarity Meetings For "Freightliner Five" (tags)

There will be solidarity meetings for the fired UAW Freightliner N. Carolina workers in LA, SF, Portland and Seattle

SF LaborFest 2004 (tags)

On July 5 through July 31, LaborFest celebrates the SF general strike with movies, theater, art, poetry and forum. This is the 70th Anniversary of the strike and the struggles of working people continue.

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