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The Boogeyman Is Dead. Long Live The Boogeyman. (tags)

Unless you are a Blackwater "contractor" or an arms dealer or a Haliburton executive, you will not blindly accept that your money (or your childrens lives) should be spent chasing boogeyman after boogeyman.

Sorry, it was all a big mistake (tags)

and our country boys are dead.

Plan for New Orleans (tags)

What is corporate America's plan for New Orleans?

A Fallen Stooge of the Rumsfield is Captured (tags)

Just to place things in context for the trolls who will spin away at the presumed capture of Saddam Hussein. It doesn't mean a thing for progressives, other than another reason why our troops should be brought home immediately and then we can end this silly and tragic song and dance with a U.N. trusteeship that returns Iraq to its own rule, not that of Haliburton.

HALIBURTON awarded contract for Iraq's Oil Fields (tags)

war for oil? damn right. cheney's company reaping benefits of fictious war.

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