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NAZIS/SOS/MMP will be at St. Luke's Long beach Sun 9/16/07 (tags)

When: Sunday, September 16th Time: 10am until 1pm Place: St. Luke's Episcopal Church Address: 525 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90813 Contact Info for St. Luke's:

New England Anarchist Bookfair || April 21-22 (tags)

Friday and Saturday || April 21-22, 2006

Hacker Activist Raided by FBI re:, publishes Hacktivist zine (tags)

Chicago FBI agents raided and seized all electronic equipment in Jeremy Hammond's apartment in an investigation regarding the hacking of has published a hacktivist magazine describing their experiences and what they've learned over the past year regarding online security culture.

contact info for local vigil groups (tags)

I put a flyers showing contact info including phone number and e-mail addresses for local vigil groups.

Photographer Photographer Francesca Gangi (tags)

Want to get contact info for Gangi

Extremist Judicial Nominee Passes on Largely Partisan Vote (tags)

Victor Wolski’s ideology makes him uniquely unqualified for the Court of Federal Claims where he would decide whether taxpayers must pay corporations to comply with health, safety, environmental, and other safeguards.

HELP! Old guard radical cheerleaders need contact info for "Radical Teen Cheer"! (tags)

we are working on a cd documentary project and a book about our radical cheerleading movement and need to get in touch with LA squads.

Representative Waxman - We Demand - No Unilateral War!! (tags)

NEIGHBORS FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE meet with Lisa from the Waxman office.


Contact Pope John Paul II and ask him to please go to Baghdad. He is the only person on earth who can stop Bush from attacking Iraq. If he took up residency in Baghdad . IT WOULD STOP THE WAR ! .

PLEASE take a minute to CONTACT THE UN (tags)

PLEASE take a minute to CONTACT THE UN It is extremely important that the UN security council hears from Americans who are AGAINST the war. COMPLETE SECURITY COUNCIL CONTACT INFO at:

Contact UN Security Members Now! (tags)

take time to contact UN Security Council Members now: tell them to vote NO for any second resolution that calls for war. Thank Germany and France. Tell France, Russia, and China to use their UN veto. SECURITY COUNCIL CONTACT INFO at:

PLEASE Take a minute To Thank FRANCE and GERMANY ! (tags)

The very same country that gave us the STATUE OF LIBERTY is now trying to stop bush's war. Please THANK them (MERCI !) and Germany too ( DANKE !). And while you're at it, contact the other members of the Security council; encourage France, Russia, and China to use their UN VETO against any resolution that calls for war. COMPLETE SECURITY COUNCIL CONTACT INFO at: . .

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