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ALL OUT THE STREET! May Day 2009 National Immigrant Workers Mobilization! (tags)

We are calling A national day of multi-ethnic unity with youth, labor, peace and justice communities in solidarity with immigrant workers and building new immigrant rights & civil rights movement!

Marcha Por Zapata 2008 (tags)

Se une el pueblo otra vez para conmemorar el día infame de su asesinato con el decimocuarto marcha por Zapata en el Este de Los Angeles. Hay quince fotos.

In the Spirit of Zapata (tags)

The call for justice and human dignity rang out through East LA as hundred of marchers took to the streets to evoke the spirit of liberator and revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and to honor the EZLN, today's Zapatistas.

Doceava 2006 Marcha por Zapata (tags)

Doceava 2006 Marcha por Zapata En el espiritu de tierra, justicia y libertad apoyo a la lucha popular! POR EL GENERAL ZAPATA

East LA - on the March for Immigrant Rights (tags)

East Los Angeles October 16, 2004 Marching from Cinco Puntos west on Cesar Chavez Boulevard a community brings the message of equal rights for all to City Hall.

Immigrants March in L.A. for Justice and Driver's Licenses (tags)

Thousands gathered in East L.A. on Saturday, October 17 to march for immigrants rights and against the racist measures that have been used against the mostly brown and indigenous people that form such a large part of our community, in the name of “Homeland Security” since 9-11.

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