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Netanyahu Says He'll "Live Forever by the Sword" (tags)


Why the Refugee Crisis (tags)


Saudis Keep Bombing Yemen After Declaring 5-Day Halt (tags)


Nepal Conference Hopes to Raise $6.6 Billion in Post Earthquake Aid Debt Relief Could Be (tags)

Nepal Conference Hopes to Raise $6.6 Billion in Post Earthquake Aid Debt Relief Could Be Part of Nepal Recovery Plan

Yemen Peace Talks: Hold the Cheers (tags)


Israel Bombs Gaza (tags)


UN Report Accuses Israel of Crimes Against Children (tags)


Sham Yemen Peace Conference Postponed (tags)


Palestinian Authority Hypocrisy (tags)


US-Saudi Illegal Blockade Compounds Naked Aggression Against Yemen (tags)


Obama, Rogue Arab States Support Mass Murdering Yemenis (tags)


US-Backed Naked Kiev Aggression on Donbas (tags)


Hypocrisy in Paris (tags)


Palestinians: On Their Own for Justice (tags)


US-Led NATO: Humanity's Greatest Threat (tags)


North Korea: Longstanding US Punching Bag (tags)

North Korea

US and Israel: Partners in High Crimes Against Peace (tags)


Israeli Iron Fist Ruthlessness (tags)


Southeastern Ukrainians Vote (tags)


Reactions to Obama's Naked Aggression Against Syria (tags)


Russell Tribunal on Ukraine (tags)


Israel Breaches Gaza Ceasefire Agreement (tags)


Pro-Israeli Security Council Gaza Resolution (tags)


Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide (tags)


Hunger Striking for Liberation and Justice (tags)


Irresponsible Syria Bashing (tags)


Propaganda alert: US and UN object to the holding of presidential elections in Syria (tags)

Both the Obama administration and the United Nations are fully aware that the June presidential elections in Syria will, in all likelihood, result in a landslide victory for President al-Assad and thus pave the way for a decisive end to the three-year long NATO-led genocidal war on Syria.

What Ukraine Propaganda Looks Like (tags)


Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Planned (tags)


Talking Peace While Waging War (tags)


Fascism's Ugly Face in Ukraine (tags)


Preordained Failure in Geneva (tags)


Washington's Dirty Game (tags)


Sham Syrian Peace Talks (tags)


Syrian Peace Talks: DOA (tags)


US supported Death Squads Massacre Syrian Civilians (tags)


Human Rights Day 2013 (tags)

human rights

NSA Spying: Get It All (tags)


Haitian Cholera Victims Sue for Redress (tags)


Unchanged US Policy on Iran (tags)


Syria Gas Attack: Assad Wrongfully Blamed (tags)


Obama's War on Syria Delayed, Not Deterred (tags)


NSA Bugs UN Headquarters (tags)


Police State Egypt (tags)


When Is a Coup not One? (tags)


Israeli Murder by Neglect (tags)


UN Human Rights Council: US Imperial Tool (tags)


Israeli Violence on International Women's Day (tags)


Washington Backs Syrian Anti-Government Terrorism (tags)


Escalating Pressure on Iran (tags)


Beating Up on North Korea (tags)


Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout (tags)


Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 7 (tags)


Turkey Tries IDF Commanders in Absentia (tags)


Genocide in Bani Walid (tags)


Israel Again Commits Barbarism and Piracy (tags)


NAM Leaders Support Iran (tags)


War of Words on Iran (tags)


Washington's Total War on Syria (tags)


Washington's Aleppo Strategy Failed (tags)


Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities (tags)


Syria Threatens No One (tags)


War of Words Over Turkish Aircraft Incident (tags)


Israel Using Oslo Accords to Steal West Bank Land (tags)


Friends of Syria Subvert Peaceful Resolution (tags)


Keeping the Syrian Pot Boiling (tags)


Worrisome Security Council Presidential Statement on Syria (tags)


Ongoing Israeli State Terror (tags)


Waging Covert War on Iran (tags)


International Solidarity Day with Palestine (tags)


Quartet Anti-Palestinian Statehood Proposal (tags)


No Peace or Justice in Our Time with Netanyahu (tags)


Turkey/Israeli War of Words (tags)


UN Report on Mavi Marmara Massacre (tags)

high seas massacre

NATO's Planned Bloodbath in Tripoli (tags)


UN Commission Flotilla Massacre Report (tags)

state terror

Israeli/Washington Peace Process Rejectionism (tags)


Dueling UN Flotilla I Commissions (tags)


Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (tags)

state terrorism

Planned Libya Invasion (tags)


Western Aggression on Libya (tags)

naked aggression

Washington's UN War Resolution on Libya (tags)


Aristide Heading Home (tags)


Bizarre Developments in Haiti (tags)

more despotism planned

Post-Quake Haiti: One Year Later (tags)

Haiti worse off than ever

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (tags)

a day to observe and honor

Urgent: Stop the U.S./S Korean Attack - Know the Facts and take action (tags)

"Here in New York City we were immersed at the IAC in planning an action on Tuesday, Nov 30 at 5:00 pm at the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center at 50th and 5th Ave with the slogan: "Take back our Trillions from the War Corporations. Bring all Troops Home! Jobs or Unemployment Benefits for all". This holiday event traditionally draws many tens of thousands of people. Tuesday, Nov 30 is the date that more than 2 million workers in the U.S. will loose all extended jobless funding or unemployment benefits. They will be left totally destitute. So we were working with some of the workers loosing benefits on that day. So one proposal was to refocus with signs and flyers this action to include more prominently the U.S. threats against DPRK, the cost of sending nuclear powered aircraft carriers, destroyers, jet aircraft half way around the world while continuing to cut the most basic necessities here at home."

Washington Orders Shahbaz Airbase Saved, not Pakistan's Flood Victims (tags)

Washington treating Pakistanis like Haitians

From Goldstone to Uribe (tags)

The fix is in.

Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran and Israel Mental (tags)

"The Israeli elite miscalculated utterly, and no mad scramble to control the damage will undo the deed or erase its consequences. Like the South African apartheid regime of the time, and segregation in the U.S., Israel’s 60-plus-year-old policy of discrimination, oppression, and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is finally being acknowledged worldwide as a moral obscenity that can no longer be tolerated."

Occupied Palestine: Good News and Bad (tags)

Far more of the latter than former

Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea (tags)

Murder at sea

Condemnation Follows Israeli Raid On Flotilla (tags)

" Hamas won an election for control of Gaza over the more conservative pro U.S. Fatah group favored by the U.S. and Israel. In the aftermath of a bloody struggle the more centrist faction was defeated militarily and by the ballot. Please remember this as most western press services have consigned important setails to Orwell’s “memory hole.” "Officials in Israel said the elite naval units were attacked as they attempted to board one of the ships, and that the commandos used live fire only when they felt their lives were threatened. Dozens of passengers and at least five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the confrontation in international waters."

The Planning of War Behind Closed Doors: Brussels, London, Istanbul: Week Of Western War (tags)

"If any further evidence was required that the United Nations is at the service of NATO and not vice versa, that the EU is NATO's civilian valet de chambre, and that all three are subordinated to the United States, the last week's events and the roster of attendees at them should suffice. ??The chain of command begins in Washington and orders barked out there work their way down to Brussels and New York City."

30 Gaza high school students visit the US (tags)

The U.S. Department of State sponsored a two-week visit to the U.S. focused on human rights and democracy for a group of 30 high school students from Gaza

Focus on Haiti: Washington's Militarized Takeover (tags)

Washington plans exploitation, not humanitarian aid

Today your freedom is being signed away (tags)

Today at the UN New York States are signing a treaty which by its exclusion of core obligations and the right to development will create a people more dependent on the State and Corporations as well as discriminating against the poor. Obama ( & other States) is following such policies.

Global Systematic discriminationagainst the Poor due to be signed (tags)

International human rights law to be signed by States on Sept 24, 2009, systematically discriminates against the poor. The establishment is pitted against the independent peoples and the most disadvantaged. A mediocre nation and a dependent people are the very likely outcomes.

Color Revolutions, Old and New (tags)

Imperial America's ugly agenda

Israeli / Christian Terrorim (tags)

Israeli terrorists continue to commit crimes against humanity, backed by their Christian terrorist colleagues. The terrorist State continues to defend its crimes against humanity while the rest of the world refuses to hold the terrorist State response for its crimes.

Poll projects low voter turnout in Haiti: Protests banned (tags)

Whether or not the polling information and conclusions of the Haiti Priorities Project are correct, the upcoming elections in Haiti are shaping up to be the first real foreign policy debacle of the Obama administration since it took office.

Electoral Sham in Haiti (tags)

Haiti's democracy is an illusion

Controversial Senate elections planned in Haiti (tags)

The apparent decision to green light the contentious ballot by Obama comes on the heels of a ruling by Haiti's Provisional Election Council or CEP to exclude the Fanmi Lavalas party of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide on procedural grounds.

Media Release: ELF Press Office Condemns FBI Hunt for Environmental Defenders (tags)


Al Nakba Redux (tags)

The liberation struggle continues.

Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide

Blaming the Victims - The Dominant Media Vilify Hamas (tags)

the blame game

Israel's Wanton Aggression On Gaza (tags)

Israel's crimes of war and against humanity

The Credit Crisis may reflect concern with likely growing trade union power. (tags)

The credit crisis may reflect a likely increase in the power of the trade union movement as a consequence of decisions made at the UN.

The Shortwave Report 9/26 Listen Globally! (tags)

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

Like the Germans of the 30's, Israelis can't claim they don't know what their Government is doing. Likewise, Americans can't claim they don't know what is being paid for with their tax dollars.

UN: Israel Must Halt Use of Excessive Force (tags)

The US Government is the #1 sponsor of these War Crimes. Taking no action to stop them using your tax dollars to fund this Ethnic Cleansing enables these Extremists.

Israel's Goals: Regime Change, Reoccupation (tags)

Annapolis Hypocrisy Hides Occupied Palestine Reality (tags)

Sham peace process denies Palestinians what they want most.

Punishing Gaza (tags)

Israel's unending war on Palestine.

UN approves Darfur force of up to 26,000 (tags)

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to authorize up to 26,000 troops and police in an effort to stop attacks on millions of displaced civilians in Sudan’s Darfur region.

Saving A President (tags)

More war ahead to save a criminal president

"Demonstration" Government in Palestine (tags)

IS-Israeli led coup against the democratically elected Hamas government

Cuba Protests at UN over Washington’s Terror Policy (tags)

Cuba accused the United States of maintaining a double standard policy on the fight against terrorism, in a letter sent Thursday to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

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