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imperial america

Putting Charleston Killings in Context (tags)


Reinventing Vietnam War History (tags)


Remembering Gore Vidal (tags)

Gore Vidal

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre (tags)


Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit (tags)

police state

Muslim Charity Principals Denied Justice (tags)


State-Sponsored Murder: Official US Policy (tags)

police state

Imperial Arrogance and Hypocrisy (tags)

state terrorism

The Business of America Is War (tags)


Escalating an Asian Arms Race (tags)


America's War on Libya (tags)


America's Dirty Secret: AfPak War Not Winnable (tags)

an unwinnable war

Imperial America's End Time (tags)

not imminent but coming

Reviewing Marjorie Cohn and Kathleen Gilberd's "Rules of Disengagement" (tags)

Right of GIs to refuse to fight in illegal wars

Middle East Policy Forum in Manhattan Beach (tags)

Marcy Winograd, Congressional Candidate in the 36th District, is joined by authors Gore Vidal and Robert Dreyfuss at a community forum on US Middle East policy

Amy Goodman Interviews Gore Vidal (tags)

GORE VIDAL: I don't see much future for the United States, and I put it on economic grounds. Forget moral grounds. We're far beyond any known morality, and we are embarked upon a kind of war against the rest of the world. I think that the thing that will save us, and it will probably come pretty fast, when they start monkeying around with Social Security, that will cause unrest. Meanwhile, the costs of the wars the cost of rebuilding the cities immediately after we knock them down

Open Words about the Empire (tags)

Everyone who rises to prominence learns to think in the obsequious sentences of an English butler serving cookies to the Prince of Wales.. Wars as the US waged in the last 60 years always serve to prevent democracy at home.

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