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VIDEO: The capitalist system needs patriarchal domination (tags)

Eric Toussaint is president of the Committee for the Cancellation of Third World Debt.

"The illegitimate debts must be cancelled" (tags)

A neoliberal tax policy followed for twenty years drastically lowered the taxes paid by private corporations on their profits, above all by big business. The debts are not an incomprehensible plague but the result of a conscious and completely unjust policy.


Wonder where the US got its strategic thinking towards Haiti from? Read on...

Aristide in his own words - KPFA's "Flashpoints" Exclusive (tags)

mp3, ~10megs, 1 hour show, with Aristide statement at top of show

Building Bridges Radio-The Issues in the NYC Transit Negotiations (tags)

Building Bridges: Your Community Labor Report presents this 12.5 minute radio program with Roger Toussaint, President of Transport Workers Union Local100 To LISTEN CLICK ON INDYMEDIA LINK

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