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Hillary Clinton Wants BDS Campaign Undermined (tags)


Hillary Clinton Warns of Nonexistent Iranian Threat to Israel (tags)

Hillary Clinton

Netanyahu Vows Zero Tolerance (tags)


Anti-Defamation League National Pledge for Unity on Israel (tags)


Israeli Occupation Supportive Companies to Boycott (tags)

Supporting BDS essential

Racists Israelis (tags)

Don't want conference

"No Wars For Israel" Conference a Success (tags)

Although the Zionists tried their best to close down the conference, their supreme efforts were foiled.

Coming World War Three (tags)

Congress must be crooked or crazy or both to have permitted the depletion of the USA arsenal of its most modern weapons for defense and to have delivered them without any publicity to the spurious so-called "State of Israel" creating a precarious situation in USA home defenses. This secret delivery of USA weapons enabled the spurious so-called "State of Israel" to renew its attacks against Egypt and Syria.

A strange kind of freedom (tags)

We all know about the perils of Islamic fanaticism. But, says Robert Fisk, the biggest threat to liberty in the US may come from other kinds of fundamentalism: Jewish and Christian

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