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Restorative Justice Is Needed For Albert Woodfox, The Black Panther Party And The Nation (tags)

On Monday, June 8, 2015, US District Court Judge James Brady ruled that the Angola 3's Albert Woodfox be both immediately released and barred from a retrial. Among those who communicated with Albert during that emotional week was Southern University Law Professor Angela A. Allen-Bell. In the days following Judge Brady's ruling, she was a featured guest on several television and radio shows that focused on Albert's case, including National Public Radio. In this interview with Angola 3 News, Prof. Bell discusses her new law journal article and reflects upon the latest developments in Albert's fight for freedom. She argues that recent Angola 3-related media coverage in the US is becoming "more substantive," and that this month "the media got bolder and began digging deeper than just a soundbite."

American Correctional Association 132nd Congress of Correction (tags)

American Correctional Association 132nd Congress of Correction 08/03/02 - 08/08/02

ACA conference in Anaheil Aug 3 - 8 (tags)

co-ordinating coverage of No More Prisons response to the American Correctional Association meeting


A compilation of notices, stories and opinions posted to the Independent Media Center network about the United States' prison-industrial complex, inspired by the Philadelphia IMC's coverage of last week's protests at the American Correctional Association's yearly convention.

Against the American Correctional Association: Aug. 10-12 (tags)

A diverse coalition of groups has come together to organize grassroots opposition to the annual meeting of the ACA in Philadelphia. This August, local activists will host a convergence of ex-prisoners, families of prisoners, activists, and concerned citizens to protest the expansion of our country's racist prison industry. This convergence will include an educational counter conference (August 10-12), permitted demonstrations, street theater and direct action.

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