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Haiti: A revolution unfolding (tags)

HUGE coverage of the Hollywood anti-occupation march, part 3 (tags)

I took about 180 pics in the anti-occupation march in Hollywood, here are the 3rd set of photos from the event.

HUGE coverage of the Hollywood anti-occupation march (AWESOME SLOGANS!) part 2 (tags)

Took 180 pics of the Hollywood anti-occupation march, here is the 2nd part

Women Call Anti-Occupation Halloween Protest Against Bechtel (tags)

In a Halloween themed protest, women and men occupied the street outside the offices of the “truly scary” Bechtel Corporation at 707 Wilshire Blvd in downtown Los Angeles beginning at 5 pm on Tuesday, October 28. Protesters used music, costumes, spoken word and more to highlight Bechtel’s rap sheet of profiteering from weapons, war and water privatization.

Anti-occupation Protest (tags)

Anti-occupation Protest Bechtel Corporation

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