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Iranian Regime Buys 8 billion in Rusian made s-300 Ground to Ground Offensive Missiles (tags)

The Iranian government has a ;rage port facility where they are able to import and export russian and chinese manufactured armaments. They are also involved by air into Syria and possibly Sudan. They are not delivering meals nor medicine they are expiring the Revolutionary Guards

October Surprise - Peace Prize to a War Criminal (tags)

The IgNobel tradition continues

The Enemy is inside the gates (tags)

Urgent Urgent !!


What is to be done with a whole nation-state that seems to be ina state of denial?

Support Human Rights! Defend Democracy! Protest Henry Kissenger! Today in LA! (tags)

Come One, Come All! Defend Liberty! International War Criminal Henry Kissenger is making a public appearance at the Beverly Hilton today, July 18, 2001. The demonstration begins at 6pm. Demand Justice!

Henry Kissinger / War Criminal in SF (tags)

War Criminal comes home to ROAST!

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