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Biojustice Activism Panel Gives Hope (tags)

One of the most compelling parts of the Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V rally at the Starlight Bowl in San Diego June 23 was the panel on grass-roots activism. Nine speakers from various countries came together and told audience members what's being done or can be done to stop the marketing of genetically engineered food and other products.

Biojustice at the Starlight Bowl: June 23, 2001 (tags)

Vivid presentations, a disappointing turnout and a heavy police presence marked the big Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V rally at the Starlight Bowl in San Diego's Balboa Park June 23, 2001. Speakers raised issues ranging from the morality and efficacy of patents on life to the potential for genetically based discrimination against people with disabilities and their frustration at not being able to dialogue with the biotech industry.

Biojustice at the Starlight Bowl: Transcripts from Press Conferences (tags)

Transcripts of some of the presentations made at press conferences during the Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V rally at the Starlight Bowl in Balboa Park, San Diego, June 23, 2001. Speakers include Dr. Paul Billings, Center for Responsible Genetics; Anthony Imparato, American Association of People with Disabilities; Peter Rosset, Food First!; Edward Hammond, Sunshine Institute; Cathleen Kneen, Ramshorn (Canada).

Information Collected at Starlight Bowl (tags)

A preview of materials/pamphlets collected during Saterdays teach-ins at Starlight Bowl.

Starlight Bowl Speaker about BioDevastation & BioJustice in Balboa Park (tags)

Picture of how the Starlight Bowl Looked like... from the audience' s perspective. basically not too much going on, except for the press conference occurring near the automobile museum in Balboa Park.

Starlight Bowl Activist (tags)

Picture of another person at the Balboa Park Starlight Bowl.

Starlight Bowl Atendees in Balboa Park (tags)

Picture of the small number of atendees at the Starlight Bowl in Balboa Park.

Starlight Bowl Saturday BioJustice Event Speaker (tags)

Picture of one of the Speakers @ the starlight bowl today

Starlight Bowl Photos (tags)

Pictures from the Starlight Bowl...

Activist Attendance Low but Police presence was overwhelming... (tags)

Just a few activists were willing to sit in the sun and listen directors of organizations talk about the reasons for the protests and declaration of sentiment of the protestors.

Two Arrested at San Diego Biodevastation Teach-in (tags)

Two young men were arrested in a parking lot near the BioDevastation Teach-In at the Starlight Bowl in Balboa Park. Police Office Boyd Long said that the two had written SMASH THE ______.

CALLING ALL GREENS! for BIojustice 2001 march (tags)

At Tuesday's general membership meeting, the Green Party of San Diego consensed to endorse the Biojustice 2001 efforts to educate and mobilize the public for the teach-in in June 22 and 23. It was also agreed to organize a contingency that would take part in the main permitted march on Sunday, Jun 24 from Balboa Park to the Convention Ctr.

Great music at Beyond Biodevastation teach-in (tags)

3 bands confirmed for Beyond Biodevastation teach-in, along with speakers Jim Hightower, Vandana Shiva and many others.

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