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1)stop all crime 2) lies on internet (tags)

This report is in 2bparts: Stop all crime ; lies on the internet.

Republican Race Tightens: Does It Matter? (tags)


A Praise for Marx (tags)

Solidarity, social justice and sharing open doors while deregulation and trickle-down mythologty lead to exploding inequality and generalized insecurity. Karl Marx asked why capitalism cannot solve poverty, unemployment and exploitation.


Do Americans dream to do with the Amazonian now the one what did with Mexico in the past?

America in Decline: Richard Sennett (tags)

In the race to the bottom, the worship of profit and the self-healing market, education, retraining workers, social mobility and intercultural learning fall by the wayside. School districts spend 600 times more for sports than for natural sciences. The US imports engineers and programmers.

How much longer before we revolt? (tags)

The Bush Junta has destroyed America.

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