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Decades of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Failure : 50 Reasons Why (tags)


Terrorizing Palestinians Daily (tags)


HR 2829 Targets Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Congressional Junkets to Israel (tags)

police state

Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks (tags)

Oslo attacks

Mixed Reactions to Obama's Middle East Speech (tags)


Declaring An Independent Palestinian State (tags)


Israeli and PA Forces Suppress Solidarity with Egyptians (tags)

liberation struggles

The PA is and arm of Imperialism/Zionism (tags)

"Meanwhile, yesterday’s “impromptu” attack on an al-Jazeera office in the West Bank turns out to have been anything but, as local journalists confirmed that the people leading the attackers were PA police officers wearing civilian clothes. PA negotiator Saeb Erekat sought further action against al-Jazeera, insisting they were guilty of inciting violence against him and his family for reporting his involvement in past negotiations, including comments that seemed to eschew the right of return."

The "Palestine Papers" Revealed (tags)

treachery revealed

Salam Fayyad: Israel's Man in Palestine (tags)

Israel's enforcer

Independent Committee of Experts on Gaza War (tags)

another UN committee accuses Israel of war crimes

Fatah: Collaborationist Israeli Ally (tags)

Fatah betrays Palestinians

The Gaza War's Effect on Women (tags)

they suffered terribly

1/3: Latest Updates from Israel Invade Gaza, Worldwide Protest Against Invasion (tags)

Latest Updates from Israel Invade Gaza: Worldwide Protest Against Israeli Invasion and Killing at Gaza

Gaza Under Siege (tags)

Continuation of one of the world's greatest crimes.

Israeli Coercion A Form Of Torture (tags)

Israel is not only guilty, then, of Collective Punishment, a War Crime, but of Torture as well.

Bay of Pigs in Gaza: Gaza Crisis Made in USA (tags)

That a scandal of this proportion, which entirely contradicts the perception of the 'crisis' painted by the media, remains relatively unreported and unaddressed - especially in an election cycle - is a testament to the tight control of the Western media, as well as the corruption of both sides of the RepubliCrat Party.

Bay of Pigs in Gaza (tags)

That this scandal remains hidden is a testament to the tight control the Government holds over our media.

The Gaza Bombshell: Crisis Made in USA (tags)

The current crisis in Gaza is entirely the creation of Extremists in the US and Israel, who don't want to end Zionism's expansionist war on the Palestinians. Don't let the media ignore this story ...

Life in Occupied Gaza (tags)

The current Gaza crisis reviewed.

"Demonstration" Government in Palestine (tags)

IS-Israeli led coup against the democratically elected Hamas government

Brinkmanship Tactics or Coup D'Etat?: Removing Hamas (tags)

One could not but wonder whether the real Israeli-U.S.-backed provocateurs' aim is to bring about the downfall of both Abbas and Hamas in order to maintain and sustain a pre-Hamas comfortable status quo, where their interests and privileges are preserved and the interests of their backers are ideally served.

Gaza Clashes: The Struggle for Palestine's Soul (tags)

Do Israel and the United States not understand this? Or maybe, like serial felons who cannot de diverted from the path of crime, they are simply incapable of changing their ways.



Arafat Death Still a Mystery (tags)

Palestinians continue to wonder how arafat died

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