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Waging War on Truth (tags)


Targeting Lawyers: America v. Paul Bergrin (tags)


Israeli Police State Crackdowns Against Palestinians (tags)


His American Dream: Michael Bloomberg (tags)

The survival of the planet and the stability of the dollar seem more likely with Michael Bloomberg as presdent. The major candidates see "more troops on the ground" as a panacea. The melting of the dollar and military overreach have brought the US to the edge of the abyss.

Building democracy, one dead baby at a time (tags)

Building democracy, one dead baby at a time

CUT the CRAP --THIS is a MISSILE (tags)


US TV networks 'kissed ass', says Wolff (tags)

"Ass kissing has gone on to a profound degree. It's pervasive throughout all these news organisations. They need the FCC to behave in certain ways. In order to do this we have got to go along to get along," said Wolff, who delivered the keynote speech at today's MediaGuardian forum on war coverage.

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