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Tel Aviv sur Seine/Promotion of bloody Israeli occupation of Palestine (tags)

Recently, due to a joint cooperation of the Tel Aviv and Paris municipal government, a section of river bank in Paris was turned into “Tel Aviv sur Seine” , complete with falafel stands and “Israeli nightlife. Of course in order to promote Israel. No promotion of a 48 years occupation power with as ´´falafel´´ the Gaza Blockade and as ´´nightlife´´bombings of Gaza and shooting of Palestinian children. On the Gaza beach.

Palestinian Family Victimized by Immolation Ineligible for Compensation (tags)


Israeli State Terror Without Mercy (tags)


Cruel and Unusual Punishment: An Israeli Specialty (tags)


Israeli Election Postmortems (tags)


Israeli Gaza War Crimes Investigation (tags)


Abbas Signs Rome Statute: Hold the Cheers (tags)


Risking Possible Bloodbath in Palestine (tags)


IDF Soldiers Denounce Israeli High Crimes Against Peace (tags)


Abbas Scuttles Fatah/Hamas Unity (tags)


Homeless in Gaza (tags)


MSM War on Gaza (tags)


Investigating Gaza War Crimes (tags)


Israeli Supremes Endorse War Crimes (tags)


Olmert: Guilty As Charged (tags)


Israel and Washington Target Iran (tags)


Holding Israel Accountable (tags)


Abbas: Collaborating with the Enemy (tags)


We're All Gazans Now (tags)


Israeli-Style Ceasefires (tags)


Israel Plans Major Gaza War (tags)


Remembering Operation Cast Lead (tags)

Cast Lead had the lowest ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in any asymmetric conflict in the history of warfare.

Doctors on Israel's Forty-Four Years of Occupation (tags)

state terrorism

Goldstone Commission Members Affirm Study Findings (tags)

Goldstone Commission

Israel: Spoiling for Another Fight? (tags)


Revisiting Israel's Terror War on Gaza (tags)

terror war

Does "Indignez-vous!" in The Nation mag deny Hessel a bestseller in the USA? (tags)

Now Stephane Hessel has another reason for outrage, though at 94 he may be exempt from personal ambition and he always has been selfless, and that is the chance to also have a bestseller in the US.

Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution? (tags)

"Understand that the “War on Terror” is a complete lie, a concoction meant to obscure the imperial attack on the worldwide insurrection of the people’s revolt the imperialist ruling class knew would be coming. Of course 911 was a false flag attack perpetrated largely by imperialism to serve as a defense against this revolt. But before that the outlines of this “defense of the system” was likely behind the crash of a jumbo jet in the ocean when an Egyptian pilot, with no record of radical ideas, supposedly crash dived a fully loaded passenger plane shouting, “God is great.” One can review and study these manipulations and begin to see the strategy and heartless efforts being waged by our rulers in a desperate attempt to maintain our world in bondage. The U.S. will claim to be defending democracy and human welfare while attempting to utterly crush both."

Operation Cast Lead Photos (tags)

A selection of Photos from Operation Cast Lead. Remember Operation Cast Lead?

Stonewalling Goldstone (tags)

trying to buy the findings

Shin Bet Mistreatment of Palestinian Detainees (tags)

detainees are tortured and abused

Palestinian Authority Recommends Whitewashing Gaza War Crimes (tags)

PA complicit with Israel

Independent Committee of Experts on Gaza War (tags)

another UN committee accuses Israel of war crimes

From Goldstone to Uribe (tags)

The fix is in.

Palestinian Detainee Abuse During Operation Cast Lead (tags)

clear evidence of Israeli war crimes

Investigating the Freedom Flotilla Attack (tags)

honest investigation will report the truth

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 2009 Annual Report (tags)

another year of Israeli crimes

Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Goldstone Commission II Essential (tags)

independent investigation essential

Was the Obama Administration involved in the Planning of the Israeli Attack (tags)

"The Israeli Navy Commando had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , "the Israeli forces attacked sleeping civilians."

The Flotilla Aftermath: Historical Perspective, Aftermath and Implications (tags)

Commandos had names and photos of activists to be assassinated

Israel's Specialty: Targeting Civilians (tags)

how rogue states operate

Education in Occupied Palestine (tags)

effects of occupation on education

Vilifying Justice Goldstone (tags)

Israel attacks truth

Israel's Exclusion and Restriction of Goods to Gaza (tags)

part of Israel's slow motion genocide

Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (tags)

Israel violates laws it's sworn to uphold

European MPs and Ministers Assess Gaza Today (tags)

Think Gaza and imagine an image of hell

Israel's Open Secret: Nuclear Armed and Dangerous (tags)

Israel's nuclear arsenal threatens humanity

Global Peace and Justice Groups Threatening Israel's Legitimacy (tags)

Israel losing its legitimacy

The Lawfare Project's Anti-Democratic Agenda (tags)

LP is a guardian of Washingto-Israeli power

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Barcelona Session (tags)

Explaining Israeli crimes

Israeli Abusive Administrative Detentions (tags)

more Israeli lawlessness

Human Rights Abuses in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

Jews are also affected

Israeli Occupation Supportive Companies to Boycott (tags)

Supporting BDS essential

Israeli soldiers tell (tags)

what "the most moral army in the world" did in Gaza.

The Lessons of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (tags)

how to stop Israeli crimes

Israeli Democracy or Hypocrisy (tags)

Its illusory even for Jews

Israeli Prohibitions Against Free Expression and "Enemy Alien" Contacts (tags)

Erosion of civil liberties in Israel

Blocking Freedom Marcher/Viva Palestina Aid to Gaza (tags)

Egypt complicit with Israeli siege

Gaza One Year Later (tags)

occupied under siege and oppressed

The Occupied West Bank Latroun Villages (tags)

occupied and persecuted

Obama Year One: Betrayal and Failure (tags)

Obama's shocking betrayal

Is this America? A place where 'Men' live? (tags)

a "U.S." soldier was recently asked, why would it support Bush without any evidence to form a conclusion, as irrational, to rob and murder us People indiscriminately, escaping the actual 911 culprits, and the bushite grunted, "I don't care",

Targeting Civilians in Gaza (tags)

Illegally targeting civilians

Will Congress Criminalize Anti-Semitism and Israeli Criticism (tags)

criminalizing dissent

obama can't answer Goldstone's question (tags)

Because he is trying to cover up war crimes for Israel

The Gaza War's Effect on Women (tags)

they suffered terribly

Reviewing Project Censored's Latest Top 25 Censored Stories (tags)

Project Censored's fabulous new book.

Chief Israeli war criminal (tags)

Gabi Ashkenazi is trying to bribe and blackmail his way out of a war crimes trial.

Goldstone Commission Gaza Conflict Findings and Reactions (tags)

Goldstone accuses Israel of war crimes

A UN Special Focus on Gaza Under Siege (tags)

Israel's slow motion genocide

Global Depression and Regional Wars - Part II (tags)

continued imperial plunder

Religious Fundamentalism in Israel (tags)

religious extremism in Israel

"Breaking the Silence:" Testimonies of Israeli Soldiers (tags)

Israeli soldiers reveal ugly truths

ICRC - Israel Traps Gazans in Deprivation and Despair (tags)

Israel's slow motion genocide

Israeli War Crimes Against Children During Operation Cast Lead (tags)

Israel's slow-motion genocide

Obama's Outreach to Muslims - Empty Rhetoric, Same Old Policies (tags)

business as usual continues globally

Human Rights Situation in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Israel's continued reign of terror against a civilian population

hamas terror tactics in Gaza (tags)

hamas terror tactics in Gaza

The Global Research News Hour - Media As It Should Be (tags)

in-depth truthful discussion and analysis

Israeli Use of Palestinians As Human Shields (tags)

another egregious international law violation

Investigating Israeli War Crimes in Gaza (tags)

evidence of Israeli war crimes

Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza (tags)

Israeli war crimes

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style (tags)

Israel never honors them.

Israel Killed Everything but the Will to Resist (tags)

Palestinians are unbowed.

John Mearsheimer: Israel's Real Purpose In Its Atrocities in Gaza (tags)

John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, co-author of the paper (available online) and subsequent book (with Stephen Walt) _The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy_, presents a concise timeline description and absolutely the clearest account of the true reason behind Israel's wanton atrocities in Gaza. Mearsheimer argues that diminishing Hamas or stopping their rockets are subsidiary goals for Israel, to Israel's more central goal of controlling all of historical Palestine via an "Iron Wall" policy that would permanently subjugate the Palestinian people and ensure Israeli control of all Palestinian land, air, water, borders/sea, and economy. Mearsheimer points out that this goal cannot be achieved, and certainly not by the brutal method of a total war on the Palestinian people. The likely outcome even in the case of relative Israeli success is a permanent Apartheid, which itself will [thankfully] doom Israel as a chauvinistically and exclusionary "Jewish State"[and its racist state ideology of Zionism].

1/12 Palestine Watch:War and Natural Gas-Israeli Invasion & Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields (tags)

Here's another critical information the reason behind Israeli invasion of Gaza, has been motivated by the Gaza's offshore oilfield. Major oil companies like: BP and CCC are involved....

Remember Gaza - One of History's Terror Bombing Victims (tags)

a historical account

Global Human Rights Groups Protest Slaughter in Gaza (tags)

Israeli genocide

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