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La création (tags)

Une pathologie créatrice...

The Prison Walls Will Crumble - Sept 12th (tags)

On September 12th, there will an event, known as Running Down the Walls, that will be held in 14 cities and prisons throughout North America in support of Political Prisoners.

PAPEL's First Day of Summer School (tags)

As we begin to embark on our first day of PAPEL's Summer Program, I am reminded of the words by Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." And indeed, with the help of a few, but with a army of volunteers, we have. Si Se Pudo!

Cascadia Summer Action Camp (tags)

We here in Cascadia (the Pacific NW) are inviting activists of all shades to our Action Camp May 23-25. This will be our kick-off event for Cascadia Summer, a season of action in defense of native forests left standing on Oregon’s public lands.

Rave or Riot, Are you ready for Prop 8 D-Day? (tags)

The court decision on Prop 8 is expected sometime before the end of this month. Whatever the decision we will be in the streets.

White Anti-Racism and Its Relevance to the Social Justice Community of Los Angeles (tags)

We will be exploring... - How AWARE-LA can be a resource for you or your organization - Local and National anti-racist organizing in white communities - Artistic resistance and anti-racist practice within the progressive arts community

South Central Farmers drum circle at developers house this Wednesday (tags)

Come to the drum circle practice Wednesday night from 6:00pm-9:00 pm in Brentwood.  Right in front of Ralph's house. ;-) We will be at the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Woodburn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90049.

Extension of Life (tags)

Alex Jones ( says they plan to extend life forever.

Sign the recall petitiion at CompNLA. (tags)

CompNLA is the LA headquarters for the Recall efforts against Grey "out" Davis

Join the Effort to Destroy KOBE (tags)

As many of you know, KOBE has been waging a cyber war on dissidents. Several individuals ranging from anarchists and liberals to conservatives are joining forces to take on KOBE. This is an example of a distributed action. Everyone is free and invited to join in the existing operations or to create their own anti-KOBE operations.




ANTI WAR ACTION BREAKAWAY AT ANTI WAR DEMO IN HOLLYWOOD ON FEB 15th Die Ins And Street Theatre. Planning Meeting at Luna Sol.

world week for lab animals (tags)

This year for WWAIL (World Week for Animals in Laboratories) there will be 3 days of events in Los Angeles organized by Foundation for Animal Liberation with Last Chance for Animals and Students for Animal Liberation, beginning at the UCLA campus on Thursday, April 25th.

Film Night at Flor y Canto: Paint it Black, Fri. Nov 23 (tags)

Paint it Black: Anarchism, Urban Uprising, and the Mainstream News is will be showing at Flor y Canto, Friday Nov. 23 at 7pm.

Join The Westwood Die In (tags)

Halloween comes early for the protests, and horror has come early to Afghanistan.

Reconciliation, Not Revenge, call for a meeting (tags)

An organization of faith based and progressive groups have organized a meeting on Friday 14th.

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