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Congress Needs Federal Legislation To Punish Rogue State DA's ~ Judges.. (tags)

The Federal Government enforcing various laws in USA States that most Americans are against,but allowing innocent U.S. citizens to continue to be wrongfully imprisoned or executed with Sick Rogue State DA's & Judges misconduct ?

Philippines: PLM Rejects Neoliberal Policies of the Government (tags)

PLM Campaigns for a Welfare State System

RP, US: VFA review only after Smith case over (tags)

Both Malacañang and the United States Embassy said yesterday that the review of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) will only take place once the rape case against US Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith reaches its conclusion. While Malacañang said the Philippine government should already study the controversies that resulted from the implementation of the accord, US Embassy charge d’affaires Paul Jones said the US government will wait and see how the case concerning Smith’s custody progresses.

Anti-War Protest Today (tags)

Since it's spring break, come have a merry 'ol time with us.

Anti-War Demo Tomorrow in Santa @na (tags)

Come join us for some relaxing spring break fun!

Anti-War Protest in Santa @na-tomorrow (tags)

Join us for an anti-war protest tomorrow in Santa Ana

Anti-War Demo in OC (tags)

Let's get busy...

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