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Orange County Board of Supervisors ignores plight of elderly and disabled; slashes wages f (tags)

Home care providers of the United Domestic Workers (UDW) Tuesday will rally outside the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting, criticizing the Supervisors’ failure to negotiate a fair deal to provide home care providers for seniors, the blind and people living with disabilities a fair living wage. The home care workers are part of the In-Home Supportive Services program, an alternative to institutional care that uses state, county and federal funds to provide care for IHSS consumers.

A symbol of American manufacturing’s decline: Ford to slash 44,000 jobs (tags)

Ford Motor Company on Friday announced a plan to drastically downsize its North American operations, cutting about a third of its salaried employees and offering buyouts to all of its hourly workers in the United States. The move—an acceleration and intensification of the company’s “Way Forward” plan announced in January—is aimed at cutting annual operating costs by $5 billion.

If You Have Family or Neighbors Who Need Work Read About The Fiasco in ATLANTA* (tags)

People employed for over 20 years at Hartsfield International Airport fired or put on probation! Salaries changed from $8.00 Hourly to $6.00 Hourly. The corporation Initial Contract Serviceshires many strangers to the region-people who do not speak much English and who may not be in this country legally. Recipe equals a Pompeii of troubles.

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