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Big Lies Launch Lawless Wars (tags)


Anti-Russian Propaganda Rages (tags)


Billy Graham: Pro Christ or Anti Christ (tags)

Billy Graham was more a representative of the imperial American elite than a follower of the meek and humble Jesus. He comforted every president for 70 years in their shameful Korean War, Vietnam War and Iraq War. Fast cleaning and Graham soap marked "God's machine gun."

AIPAC Lobbies for War on Syria (tags)


Drumbeat for War on Syria (tags)


Whatever Happened to Daily News? (tags)

The decline of the Mainstream Daily News.

IRS Scandal: More Than Meets the Eye (tags)


Anatomy of a False Flag (tags)

false flag

War of Words Over Turkish Aircraft Incident (tags)


Fraud at the Polls (tags)


Selling War (tags)


Sensationalism in America's Media (tags)


Time To Get Medieval? (tags)

A three-month old baby in Louisiana died in her home from blood loss due to rat bites. There were holes in the walls and holes in the floor. Evidently, the landlord spent FEMA money earmarked to repair the house on something else, but the authorities were still trying to determine if they should file criminal charges against the parents!

El Citizen Kane del Subdesarrollo y la herencia de los genocidas (tags)

┬┐Hubiera promovido alguna vez William Randolph Hearst una candidatura marxista?

Supporters of "Everyman's" Beach Club to Rally on Sand Against Neighbor Lawsuit (tags)

Wealthy neigbors have filed a lawsuit to try to stop Santa Monica from opening a public beach club near two exclusive private clubs. Outraged community members have organized a rally on the sand in Santa Monica Environmental, beach access and historic preservation groups have come out in support of the project and the public's right to use the beach and public coastal property.

Extraordinary for demonstrators to take to the streets to rally around a journalist (tags)

It's highly unsual, even extraordinary, for demonstrators to take to the streets to rally around a journalist, but that's just what happened this afternoon outside the headquarters of the Los Angeles Times. The cause was the firing last week of veteran columnist Robert Scheer, the last progressive voice on the Times's Op-Ed page.

The US as the New Rome (tags)

"An empire that threw overboard its basic democratic values and convictions came out of a land regarded in the last centuries as the cradle of democracy..Unlike the Romans, the Americans concealed their goal of omnipo-tence behind phrases of democracy.."

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