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Anti-fascist documentary "uno di noi" now online (tags)

In December 2008, we created an anti-fascist mural in Bochum, to commemorate those seven anti-fascist from different european countries, who had been killed by neo-nazis during the last years. After we photographed the whole process of production, we brought those and several other materials together and made a documentary of it, about the mural and the background of the seven murdered antifas.

ECD action against HLS (tags)

Please visit this website on Monday the 15th:

Breaking News: 911 Plot Uncovered (tags)

Tell everyone about this website immediately. This is an emergency! Once the truth is finally exposed to the public, it will send shockwaves throughout America. But, what you must also realize is that once this is exposed, the consequences will not merely be the impeachment of a president, the imprisonment of an entire administration, or even the tremendous monetary fluctuations from new insurance claims....the result of this may be the 2nd American Civil War.

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over the past week this website has had technical difficulties but now everything is fixed thank the people at indy media here for fixing the problem and for this great website

This website is monitored by state and federal police agencies (tags)

this website has been infiltrated

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