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Waging war or building bridges (tags)

"NATO is de facto at war with Russia and using Ukraine as a tool to do it." And further, "Everything about NATO is hypocrisy. They declare themselves the 'peace alliance,' but their history is nothing but war.

Polar Opposite US/Russian Agendas in Syria (tags)


Obama Wants Regime Change in Russia (tags)


Lavrov on Syria, Ukraine and Terrorism (tags)


Greenpeace International Supporters Tell Russia's Putin "We Are Our Own Sovereign Nation " (tags)

Japan & Russia might be having problems over who gets which islands,but they both conspired to teach Greenpeace Activists a whale of a lesson..

Media Scoundrels Wrongfully Blame Assad for Gas Attack (tags)


European Electoral Postmortems (tags)


Russia Bashing (tags)


Putin Bashing (tags)


Hail to the Thief: The New York Times Defends Mikhail Khodorkovsky (tags)

supporting mega theft

Using Georgia to Target Russia (tags)

Welcome to the new Cold War and Great Game

BTL:Colombia's Raid into Ecuador Triggers Regional Tension (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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