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Captain America 2 (tags)

Reflections on an irrelevant movie.


Mission: to combat the Americanism in Brazil.


The Americans don't know the USA as they would owe.

Stop Anti-immigrants in 4th parade (tags)

Please call parade officials and ask them withdraw the Minutemen permit to march in Fourth of July Parade in Palisades area of LA

Command from Above: Book Review (tags)

"Are there justified reasons for US bashing? Never has a US administration taken as little pains to veil its true interests as the administration of George W. Bush.. A messianic-aggressive rhetoric spread which is the real reason for the estrangement between Europe and the US.."

Americanism and anti-Americanism (tags)

"The essential inner contradiction of Americanism consists in its invoking of values such as freedom, human rights, democracy and free markets while resorting for their enforcement to methods that actually entail subordination to the USA.."

FUCK AMERICANISM. Don't fight wars. Stand with humanity and win THE WAR. (tags)


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